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Emergency Contact Person

Name and phone number of emergency contact person in Pune (other than parents / guardian) to whom I Authorize my child to be released should I be unable to reach school.

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I, Mr. / Mrs. / Ms Parent / Guardian
of. hearby undertake and state as follows :

     That the information given by me in this application for admission form is true to the best of knowledge, I agree to comply with all the rules, regulation, instructions, terms and conditions of KIDS KINGDOM SCHOOL, Pimpri, if my ward is admitted. I further state and undertake that admission of the KIDS KINGDOM SCHOOL Management will be final and binding on me and I Shall not question it in any form. I also hereby undertake that I shall make remittance of the fees and charges as per KIDS KINGDOM SCHOOL’s Policy if admission of my ward is admitted.

Admission Information:

  1. 1. You obtain the application for admission form the school office. The cost of application is Rs. ………. Which is non-refundable.
  2. 2. Go through the application form thoroughly along with rules and regulations. If it is accepted then complete the process.

Rules and regulations:

  1. 1. Every child should come to school neatly dressed in full uniform with an I Card and a hanky pinned up. The child will not be taken without an I Card.
  2. 2.Parents should come in time to drop and pick-up their ward.
  3. 3. Weekly off is observed on Saturday and Sunday. Any other holidays will be informed.
  4. 4.All the children should have a bag with napkin, water bottle, tiffin and a pair of undergarments. All the things should be labeled.
  5. 5. Bringing valuable to school or items of personal property, jewellery is strictly prohibited. The school will not be responsible for any loss of valuables. Parents must write the child’s name on all the belonging brought to the school. If in any case the child brings home the thing which does not belong to him/her. It must be returned back to the school.
  6. 6. If the child is not feeling well for any reason, you need to keep him/her home. Please do not bring your child if he or she has fever, vomiting, diarrhea or any contagious illness. Any operation / accident or any other problem undergone should be informed.
  7. 7. For information and messages check the notice-board in the entry way.
  8. 8. For any non-urgent matters directly related to your child, please don’t disturb teachers during normal school hours. Make an appointment with the Principle or the child’s teacher.
  9. 9. Every month the parents are allowed to meet the teachers and discuss about the progress of the child (P.T. meeting) Open days are held twice a year.
  10. 10. Attendance is an important requirement for successful results. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness or neglect of work can hamper the child’s progress and this may result in lagging behind. The progress of the child will depend on the condition of age, ability, conduct and attendance.
  11. 11. Withdrawal of the ward can be made by putting in their application 30 days in advance. The school fee for the entire session must be paid and if paid, it will not be refundable.
  12. 12. No vehicles are allowed to enter the society promises. Please abide by the rules and thus not cause inconvenience to the school authorities.

Pre-Primary Section

  1. 1. From birth to the age of six both mental and physical development of a child is more rapid than any other period of this life. Hence these years are the most important years for learning and should be given their due importance.
  2. 2. At Kids Kingdom we introduce skills vital for Pre-school success.

Special Days :

Colour Days :
  • Children come dressed in the respective colour & various events are organized to hightlight the colour(Red day,Green Day....)
  • Children come dressed in the form of any animal (Say 3-4 sentences on that particular animal)

Traditional Day :
  • Children come dressed traditionally according to the different states of our country.

Annual Day :
  • Children come dressed in the dress code of any animal.(Say 3-4 sentences on that particular animal)
Vegetable/fruit Day :
  • Each student bring a decorated basket full of vegetables/fruits and practically learn each of them.

Friendship Day :
  • children tie friendship bands on each other's hand (briefed on friends)Stories are told like ant and the dove /Lion and the mouse.

Independence Day :
  • children come dressed as one of the national leaders. patriotic songs are sung and taught.

Teachers Day :
  • a child enacts as a teacher

Diwali/Christmas Party :
  • children should be dressed in party dress. Games and party are held.Christmas tree is decorated and a child is dressed up as a Santa-Claus.

Sports day :
  • The Annual Sports Day helps children to explore their hidden sports intrests as they enjoy a healthy competition with each other.

Exhibition :
  • children are asked to prepare a project -work with the help of the parents and are allowed to speak on the project-work.

Competitions :
  • The school aims at organising various competitions throught the year .
  • The main objective of these competitions is not winning of prizes but is to expose the students to various activities to sharper their skills.
  • fancy dress,annual function,sports day are also held.
Competitions held:
  • Recitation
  • Singing
  • Fancy Dress
  • Dance
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Colouring

For details of the fee structure of online classes Please contact :

1. +91 9890040507
    Mrs. Virginia Manuel

2. +91 9595689716
    Sofia Peter

Online School reopens on 14th June 2021.