Our Philosophy

Allow Children to be Children

 Best Day Care in pimpari

  Inculcate self-esteem in children at a young age which is a critical component for optimal all-round growth of children.

   Develop socialization and self-help skills which are needed for children to succeed in other areas of development.

   Give children the opportunity to explore, experiment and create in a safe and nurturing environment.

   Provide appropriate care which supports emotional, social and physical growth with the development of the children.

   Treat the children with love and respect and provide them the opportunities to engage in a wide variety of activities.

Our Aim

  To give the best of primary education to every child.

  Create confident & capable students of tomorrow.

  Teach every child to be loving, cultured and disciplined.

  Develop a sense of achievement in every child through quality teaching.

Our Mission

  To provide every child with a warm, stress free, beautiful, hygienic &and secure home-like environment.

   To foster a caring, healthy, positive & happy growth atmosphere that is second only to home.

   To ensure that every child that comes here is treated with utmost care, love, understanding, respect and patience.

   To create an aura that every child here welcomes life with open arms.

   To strengthen every child’s own identity, while instilling a respect for others.

Our Objective

  To provide every child a loving and caring environment, in which every child feels safe, loved, valued and wanted.

Allow Children to be Children.

Our Success

  25 years of untarnished reputation.

   25 years of Quality Day Care.

   25 years of relentless hard work in nurturing and developing children.

   25 years of trust build up with parents.